So You Think You Can Brand?


Let 2018 be the year you put your talent and skills to use for yourself and create the income you truly deserve. We know what it takes to build a brand that is visually appealing, strategically aligned and an absolute customer magnet. We have helped some of the most successful entrepreneurs elevate their brand presence in a way that demands more visibility and generates more profits. If you're anything like us and you want to be in control of your brand at all times, then the So You Think You Can Brand? program is a perfect solution for you. Our hands-on approach combines strategy, creativity, and REAL BUSINESS SOLUTIONS to assist you in starting or growing a profitable business.



This workshop is designed to help participants find and evaluate their business idea, establish a profit-generating business model, and provide tips and resources to entrepreneurs that lay the foundation for a solid brand strategy.
The "So You Think You Can Brand?" program is an ode to creatives and bosspreneurs who prefer the DIY- "do it yourself"
approach to branding and marketing.
1. Discover your why - learn to love it and live it every day
2. Gain clarity around your ideas and go from BIG IDEA to BIG BUSINESS
3. Learn the strategies needed to create those must-have products and services
4. Speak the language of your customer and learn to create undeniable brand loyalty
5. Discover Social Media Marketing systems that work for YOU and your business model
6. Leverage the power of email marketing to automate your marketing efforts and stay connected with your tribe.





Start with your basic brand idea. What gift, skill, talent or expertise do you have to offer? In the Virtual Academy we'll take you through our guided 4-step process that will help you discover who you are and what unique distinction you can bring to the marketplace.



Next, you will complete 4 weeks of Intensive Brand Coaching including weekly assignments that will help you plan for the live workshop. Learn the science behind naming, color theory, customer profiling, brand positioning and more.



During the LIVE Workshop we will provide hands-on coaching on graphic/web design, business tools and systems to run your business. You will leave with a completed visual identity system, sales funnel and profit plan. We will also provide you with a list of tools and resources needed to fulfill your future branding/visual identity needs.



Now that you've put it all together, its time to LAUNCH! Our brand experts are here to help you develop the perfect 90-day launch strategy. We'll discuss - where to market your business, how to roll out your new products and what visuals to use in your advertising campaigns.


The "So You Think You Can Brand?" Virtual Academy
will open on April 30th

The LIVE workshop will be held June 1-2 in Washington, DC.

BONUS: Enjoy a FREE photoshoot directed by our brand experts, to ensure that you have
the right images to market yourself and your brand.

Why "So You Think You Can Brand"?
During this Virtual Academy + 2-Day LIVE intensive, our team of brand experts will teach you the fundamentals of business development, branding, and design. You will learn the secrets our team uses to create impactful brands for some of the most successful and sought-after solopreneurs, speakers, authors, coaches and small businesses.
Is this for me?
The "So You Think You Can Brand?" program is for individuals wanting to take their business from idea to execution, entrepreneurs wanting to get out of the start-up phase and launch their business and established business owners needing to refresh and/or rebrand their current business. Whether you're looking to start a business or re-brand an existing one, we provide you with the resources to create a stunning brand that stands out amongst the competition. But, you must be ready and willing to do the work, as this is a complete do it yourself program.
What web platforms/programs will we be using to create our brand identity?
Our team is well versed in all of the latest technology and apps that make creating and managing your brand a blast. We will be using several easy-to-use, yet feature rich platforms and apps to help you produce expert quality design with ease. For your website, we'll use the Wix website builder, which is a highly customizable, drag-and-drop web editor with features galore. As your brand grows this platform expands to meet all of your core business needs in one central location. For general design work, we'll use Canva and several mobile applications for branding on the go. Your company logo will be created using a free trial of Photoshop and Illustrator to ensure maximum compatibility and file docs.
What should I bring?
You definitely want to bring your laptop(we will be using a Mac). In addition, be sure to bring all of your completed assignments, login details for your Canva account(for designing), a free trial of Photoshop and Illustrator, your cell phone/chargers, and your brand attire for your photoshoot.
Payment Options.
This program is being offered at an introductory rate of $597. A 50% deposit is due to reserve your spot, and the second payment of 50% is due 14 days before the LIVE workshop begins. All payments are non-refundable but are transferable in the event of an unexpected cancellation.

i can't make this one - when will you host another session?

The "So You Think You Can Brand?" program is hosted monthly. Sign up for our newsletter to stay updated on the date and location of our next Bootcamp event. Interested in having us come to your city or need additional information? Email to see if "So you think you can brand?" is a good fit for you.