As CEOs we sometimes get so consumed with the every day in's and outs of our business that we start to run on auto-pilot. We can’t see the struggling team members, we don't have the time to stop and fix the leak in our processes and we surely can't afford to stop and strategize on how to get new business. Then, we wake up and we're at the end of the year and our revenue goals are a distant memory, our spirits are crushed and burnout is around the corner...not to mention the "team" we have in place is taking advantage of us, or even worse on the brink of walking out.

So what do you do?...You get still, unwind, with no distractions and get laser-focused on your next move.


Executive VIP

Two-days of intense, one-on-one, incubator style strategy, and coaching. The Boss sometimes needs a Boss too, to debrief all the woes of leadership, put a second pair of eyes on your systems and processes and refine your overall aesthetic. This is all about support, sustainability and RESULTS.

What we’ll do for you...

This is your opportunity to take off your CEO hat and get the answers you need to continue thriving in business.


First we'll assess your current strengths and challenges.



Next, we'll delve into a strategy to fill any gaps.



And lastly, we'll put together a plan for your launch and future expansion.


Program Highlights

Zina Age - Atlanta, GA

Non-Profit CEO & Founder of We Want to Know, Inc.

"My experience was amazing, I learned a lot about myself. Because I am a clinician I don’t often get to debrief some of the issues that I face regarding the goals and objectives of my company. I really enjoyed the one-on-one, undivided attention because it allowed my ideas to flow freely, and Jasmine was able to connect the dots and create a clear plan of action for my next steps. I honestly wish I would have done this earlier, because it allowed me to release my fear of going to the next level. I thought it would be difficult to make the transition from non-profit CEO into the for-profit sector, but P2P allowed me to see that I can take the same skill set and foundation I founded my company on and transition it into my new brand/business."

Terry T. Budget, South Carolina

Corporate Leadership Trainer, Alpha Success Leadership Academy

"The knowledge, expertise and attention to detail from P2P Branded was paramount in the development of my new brand. Working with Jasmine and Tyra was the absolute best thing I could do for my business, as they are able to pull out information and ideas that you could never think of yourself. I gained extensive clarity around the direction of my business, products/services and processes, some of which I didn’t even know I needed. If your are on a quest to become a better and more profound CEO/Executive or Entrepreneur, my recommendation is to reach out to P2P Branded and schedule your session today."

Tiana Patrice - Dothan, AL

International Speaker & Author, Founder of the Women's CEO Alliance

"Working with P2P has been one of the best decisions I could have made for my business. The level of service and expertise was exactly what I was looking for, and their creative process was exactly what I needed to take my ideas from vision to completed. I highly recommend working with P2P. They are more than a branding company they truly build empowered, prosperous brands with your purpose centered at the core."

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