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When we first started our company it was called Passions to Profits. After seeing so many talented friends and family struggle with unfavorable work experiences we wanted to help them take their passion/skill/gift and turn it into profit they controlled. As serial entrepreneurs with experience in both successful and unsuccessful business ventures, we know what it's like to struggle with balancing all of the pieces to the entrepreneurial puzzle. We have spent hours marketing events that did not come to fruition, and tons of money on systems that weren't right for our business model. It's not our goal to just sell you our products and services, but rather help you discover who you are, what unique gifts you have to offer, and how you can leverage and monetize those gifts , while adding value to those you are called to serve.


Here we like to think of ourselves as brand style God's and solution wizards who creatively align your inner thoughts and vision for your brand with concrete actions that generate IMPACT and INCOME. Think extreme makeover on steroids! lol But seriously, who doesn't love a well-designed AND well-built house? That's why we're here, to provide creative business solutions that draw your audience in with back-end systems that help your business run like a well-oiled machine(or a fancy sports car *wink*). Our team of experts are committed to help you on your journey of entrepreneurial discovery, not those "get rich quick schemes", but the Walton family dream (*Walmart-catch that!*). We want to help you build a business that outlasts the "start-up" phase and leaves a legacy for generations of your family to LIVE AND THRIVE.

Working with P2P has been amazing. If you are looking for top quality service where you can get all of your branding needs met look no further P2P Branded provides just that. Over the last few years P2P has taken my vision for my brand and expanded it beyond what I imagined. When anyone asks who does your branding I don't hesitate to shout from the rooftop P2P Branded.

- Regina Robinson, International Speaker & Author

I have had the pleasure of working with P2P Branded on several projects from logo design, book cover and website design. I must say each experience with this dynamic mother and daughter team has been absolutely seamless. The customer service is outstanding and their ability to capture the true essence of my brand was perfect. If you're looking for a high quality, authentic look I highly recommend P2P Branded.

- LaTonya Renee, TransformU Coach

Tyra and Jasmine are among the top creative marketing and technical leaders that I've had the pleasure of working with! They are responsive, accountable, reliable, and work with the highest integrity! I highly recommend that you hire P2P Branded to take your online brand to the next level! Thanks, Tyra and Jasmine for consistently delivering high-quality work!

- Monica McCoy, Founder of the Global Supplier Diversity Consortium

Full stop shop! From logos to business promotion ideas. Branding, YES! Personalized service, YES! Timely execution, YES! Inspirational and encouraging, YES! So much more, ABSOLUTELY!! I am proud to partner with and refer my business development clients to P2P Branded!

- Dr. L Nyrobi Nicole Moss Chief Consultant, Goddess Enterprises, LLC.

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